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Celebrating 15 years :: 2005-2020
Welcome to the Monitorix project
Take control over your small server


This release fixes an important bug that duplicated the iptables rules created by Monitorix on every start or restart, so all users are encouraged to upgrade to this version.

Another important change in this version is the new support for systems with device interrupt numbers greater than 255. Monitorix now uses a hash function to keep using an array with no more than 256 entries to hold all the possible device interrupt numbers.

Thanks to the special contribution of Alessandro Soraruf, this new version includes the support for the openSuSE Linux distribution. So from now on, people from this distribution can get from here the Monitorix packages and install them on their system.

Finally but not least and thanks to Fabian Arrotin, Monitorix will be included in the RPMForge repositories for easily downloading using the yum tool.

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