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Celebrating 15 years :: 2005-2020
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This is mainly a maintenance version that fixes several issues. It has been changed the way how Monitorix creates the iptables rules that prevented one from seeing the INPUT chain activity in the defined network ports. Another change directly affected the init script where it has been removed the dependency of the command lockfile making it more portable to other systems. Some other fixes were also implemented.

This version includes a minimal support for those new systems that have interrupt device numbers greater than 255. In the next version this support probably will become complete. Another important enhancement is the support for the Postfix MTA in the SMTP counter.

Finally, but not least and by a user demand, the Monitorix web site now includes RSS feeds for those that want to stay tunned on this site. This feature allows users to track new releases with their favorite RSS Reader.

As always the Changelog has all the details.

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