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Celebrating 15 years :: 2005-2020
Welcome to the Monitorix project
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This version comes with a number of changes, improvements and several bug fixes. The most noticeable change is how are represented the Network Port activity graphs since the rigid value has been relaxed, changing it from 2 to 0. This will scale the graphs automatically by default.

Another change affects directly the default value of the Mail statistics graph. Due the diversity of MTAs currently running out there and the lack of supporting all of them, I've decided to switch it to N. I expect include support for more MTAs in the future in order to switch it back to Y.

There are some enhancements in the script that should improve the installation of Monitorix in FreeBSD systems. As a consequence of that monitorix.conf has changed to accomodate the new default path where are located the .rrd files.

FreeBSD users: Please make sure to modify the new path /var/db/monitorix in %BASE_DIR.

Last but not least a number of bugs has been fixed that affected the correct functionality of Monitorix.
Check the Changelog for all the details.

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