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This new version introduces three new modules:, which is capable of monitoring an unlimited number of NVM Express (NVMe) devices, the, to monitor also an unlimited number of AMD GPU graphic cards, and which can be seen as an extended version of the current module, as it comes with more detailed statistics.

The following are examples of these new three graphs:

NVMe graph
AMD GPU graph           NVIDIA GPU graph

The rest of new features, changes and bugs fixed are, as always, reflected in the Changes file:

  • Added a complete graph to support NVMe device statistics ( [#215]
  • Added a complete graph to support AMD graphic cards statistics ( [#367]
  • Added a complete graph to support NVIDIA graphic cards with more extended statistics ( [#333]
  • Added support in to connect to a socket file. [#316]
  • Added support to get temperature values for gpu[n] keys using the output of lm_sensors in [#320]
  • Added support in for systems with different PID max value defined in /proc/sys/kernel/pid_max.
  • Added new graph of process' uptime in It comes with a new option called time_unit to set the scale of the graph. [#311]
  • Added the option time_unit in to set the scale of the uptime graph. [#331]
  • Added the new command line option -s to decide which part of a line in the config file will be the key and which one will be the value. The split policy accepts the values guess (as the default), whitespace and equalsign.
  • Added support for IPv6 addresses in
  • Added the option cmd in, which defaults to sensors, to be able to help to add sensors values not covered by lm_sensors. [#325]
  • Added the ability to prefix fan values to be able to select between rpm and percentages, using rpm: and percent: respectively. [#325]
  • Added a home button in the upper-left corner to easily go to the main page. The button will appear only if the new option called enable_mainmenu_button is enabled (disabled by default). [#338]
  • Added the ability to view the website as web app in full screen mode. [#340]
  • Changed the way how the cmd option works in, by executing directly the command defined (without args), unless undefined, in which case it will continue defaulting to ss.
  • Added some changes to to be able to symlink it and act as a generic alert script.
  • Added fan speed (as fan), power (as pwr), percentage (as pct) and byte (as byt) identifiers to [#344]
  • Added the ability to include arguments in the scripts called by to collect the value for each sensor. [#343]
  • Added the new option refresh_interval in to reduce the execution of the du command and its undesired side effects. [#324]
  • Added a new option to show NaN instead of 0 for missing data in [#349]
  • Changed to simplify the unit correction in [#346]
  • Enhanced the quality of the favicon image.
  • Added the option respect_standby to avoid waking up disk(s) while reading SMART values. Also adds Nan for missing values in [#359]
  • Added legend customisation to [#382]
  • Fixed to include the DBI->connect parameter dbname=postgres in to avoid connection problems. [#310]
  • Fixed to use $options{u} instead of $config{u}.
  • Fixed to include the reference to the -u option either in the usage text and in the monitorix(8) man page.
  • Fixed the legend in graphs to respect the max value. [#330]
  • Fixed to honour the <map> option on graphs 2 and 3 in
  • Fixed (by just commenting out some lines) the <map> option in
  • Fixed to not treat option graph_name as special as it ends up duplicating graphs.
    As this is an important change, please report any issues you might encounter here.
  • Fixed Samba users counter in in case Samba is not installed. [#348]
  • Fixed the rigid and limit values in to extend their effect to the rest of graphs. [#351]
  • Fixed some undefined values in that led to the message: Function update_pdp_prep, case DST_GAUGE - Cannot convert '' to float. [#374]
  • Fixed all zoomed images to fit in the pop-up window when using the SVG image format. [#342]
  • Small cosmetic changes.

Please, check the monitorix.conf(5) man page for all the details.

NOTICE: The configuration file monitorix.conf has been extended with important changes.

All users still using older versions are encouraged to upgrade to this version.

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