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Celebrating 15 years :: 2005-2020
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This new version introduces a lot of changes, lots of new features and of course, lots of bugs fixed. First things first, there are two new graphs; one to monitor an unlimited number of APC UPS devices (using the apcupsd daemon), and the other to monitor the details of the current network connections (IPv4 and IPv6) including protocol-specific statistics using the netstat command.

The following are examples of the new APC UPS and Netstat graphs:

APC UPS graph           Netstat graph

There are also two important changes in this new version:

  • The new location of the configuration file is now /etc/monitorix/monitorix.conf. This new directory also includes a subdirectory called /etc/monitorix/conf.d (or whatever is defined in the new option include_dir) that should permit including additional configuration file(s). This is mainly intended to facilitate installing third-party Monitorix modules without having to change any line in the main configuration file. Monitorix loads the main configuration file first and then all the .conf files in the conf.d subdirectory in alphabetic order.
  • The new location of the web files is now inside the directory /var/lib/monitorix/www which is the new default value of the base_dir option. This should make Monitorix more FHS (Filesystem Hierarchy Standard) friendly, which states that /usr is read-only data and should not be written to.

Continuing with new features, there is a new option called addendum_script in the Email Reports graph to include user's own data in the mails sent. Also in the same graph two new options will permit to configure the exact time when email reports will be sent. In the Disk graph now is possible to use paths like /dev/disk/by-path/pci-0000:00:0f.0-scsi-0:0:0:0-part1 as device names. There is also a new option called accept_selfsigned_certs that should make life easier when connecting remotely using HTTPs protocol. Another interesting new feature is the ability to configure multiple protocols (tcp, udp, etc.) in the same network port number in the Ports graph. In the Filesystem there is a new graph that shows the inode usage of each filesystem configured.

The rest of changes and bugs fixed are, as always, reflected in the Changes file.

Please, check the monitorix.conf(5) man page for all the details.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The configuration file monitorix.conf has been extended with important changes.
Please, take special care when installing it because some paths have been changed.

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