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Finally the 3.0.0 is out!

With the release of the 3.0.0 version Monitorix suffered another large rewrite which became into a complete modular code structure reducing in some cases its memory footprint. That new version also includes a number of new features, cleaned up all the code, fixed a lot of bugs and has a safest code as it uses 'strict' and 'warnings' in all its modules.

With this new modular structure, Monitorix can now be packaged either into a single one package (requiring all its dependences to be satisfied during the installation), or into several small packages one for each graph which should reduce notably its memory footprint.

Another interesting new feature in 3.0.0 version is that Monitorix comes with its own HTTP server built in. This should satisfy all the people that don't want to install an HTTP server (Apache, Nginx, lighttpd, etc.) to see the Monitorix graphs.

Please read the below beta news and the Changes file in order to know all the new features.

Enjoy it!

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