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The previous version introduced a bug that affects the creation of the mysql.rrd file in new Monitorix installations. The following error message would appear in the /var/log/monitorix file:
ERROR: while creating /var/lib/monitorix/mysql.rrd: you must define at least one Data Source
NOTE: Depending on your installation the path to the mysql.rrd file may differ. It basically depends on the value in the BASE_LIB option in the monitorix.conf file.

That bug will be fixed in the next version, meanwhile though you can work around that problem just creating manually an empty mysql.rrd file and restart Monitorix:

# touch /var/lib/monitorix/mysql.rrd
# service monitorix restart
Monitorix will detect an invalid mysql.rrd file and will resize it accordingly.

Many thanks to Darryl Yeoh Gim Hong for pointing this out.

Sorry for the inconveniences.

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