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Recent News

I'm pleased to announce that I've finally moved the source code of pyMonitorix to GitHub.

GitHub is clearly a better environment for open source projects. I think that this move will make much easier for users to contribute, making the project even better.

Fork the git repository at!

As in the project Monitorix this web site has suffered also a total restyling with a new modern look.

I hope you enjoy it as I do! :-)

This is the initial release of the pyMonitorix tool and this is also my first application written in Python (PyGTK actually). Two months ago I had never written a line using the Python language but I had read a lot of good things about it.

I always thought that it would be good to have a desktop application to monitorize the remote servers from it, instead of having a browser permanently opened. So finally, I decided to start it and the 0.1.0 version is the first result.

If you are an experienced Python programmer and you see something nasty in the code, please notify me. I'll be glad to receive good councils from a more experienced person.

I hope to add more new features in the next versions and convert it in an essential part of our daily desktop.

Let's rock!