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Welcome to pyMonitorix

... your PyGTK applet to monitor your servers
Current Release:
0.1.0  (11-Sep-2009)
Working On:
- Improving the interface.
- Adding new features.
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What is pyMonitorix?

pyMonitorix on a GNOME desktop
pyMonitorix is a free open source desktop applet that acts as a frontend of a Monitorix installed on a local or remote server(s). It is useful for those that want to monitorize their servers without having to keep up and running a browser for doing that.

pyMonitorix is a GNOME application, written in Python. You will need to have GNOME, Python and the PyGTK and gnome-python libraries installed in order to run it.

pyMonitorix is an open source project and, just like any other open source project, anyone can contribute with its own time and knowledgements.

You are very welcome to join to the project.

Contributing to the project

There are many ways of contributing to this project. You do not have to be a Python guru or spend much time. Coding is only one aspect of open source. Just install the software and test it. If you encounter any error, please notify it. If you think there are some parts that could be improved, please share your ideas.

You can contribute in any of the following maners:


pyMonitorix is an open source initiative and is released under the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL). The GNU GPL allows a person or persons to distribute pyMonitorix for a fee, without actually charging for the software itself, since pyMonitorix is free.

See License for a more detailed explanation.