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Welcome to pyMonitorix

... your PyGTK applet to monitor your servers


Freenode IRC Network

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a real time text chat tool which facilitates faster support, trouble shooting, and development collaboration. Communication occurs in real time and is always available. People from around the world are typically logged into IRC channels at all times of the day.

IRC is a very powerful tool, but suffers from the major drawback of not archiving communications, so IRC should not be used for critical information that needs to be widely shared. Mailing lists are a better choice for critical information.

Monitorix has its own channel: #monitorix (you'll find me there as the user Mikaku).

You may also email me directly: Jordi Sanfeliu


Here is the list the current people that it's doing some work of contribution with pyMonitorix. My special thanks to them: