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This new version introduces two new modules:, for monitoring the power consumption of Intel-RAPL capable devices, and to monitor also AMD CPU power consumption. My special thanks to Andreas Bachlechner for his invaluable contribution.

The following are examples of these new two graphs:

Intel-RAPL graph           AMD CPU power consumption graph
          AMD CPU power consumption graph

Another important change in this new version is the total rewrite of Its configuration has also changed completely and now it allows a lot of customization. The default configuration should give the same results as with the previous version, although the graph layout will change. The only service that will be affected is Samba. This service needs a complex parsing to get the current Samba use and that's the reason why you need an external script to deal with it.

In the default configuration you'll see the following line to get Samba stats:

                Samba = G, exec:/usr/local/bin/, "", ""

So, in order to continue getting the same Samba stats, just create the script /usr/local/bin/ (with execution permission) with the following content:

(smbstatus -S ; smbstatus -L) | grep -v -e "^Service" -e "^Locked files:" -e "^Pid" -e "^$" -e "\--------------------"

The rest of new features, changes and bugs fixed are, as always, reflected in the Changes file:

  • Added a complete graph to monitor the power consumption of Intel-RAPL capable devices ( [#390]
  • Added a complete graph to monitor AMD CPU power consumption ( [#389]
  • Complete rewrite of the module making it fully customizable. [#115]
  • Added the additional_graph_name configuration option. [#388]
  • Added support to be able to rename ipmi sensors that include whitespaces in their name. [#393]
  • Added the option use_nan_for_missing_data to and [#399]
  • Added some new options to handle zero values as NaN in [#401]
  • Added a new option enable_rrd_lock (disabled by default) to synchronise the rrd file access. [#370]
  • Added the option use_nan_for_missing_data to [#406]
  • Added support for the mV unit to voltage keys in [#315]
  • Added some new options to (optionally) change scaling in [#409]
  • Added support to enable relative URLs in graphs. [#410]
  • Added more accuracy when measuring the time elapsed between updates, instead of assuming always 60 seconds (in,,, and [#407]
  • Added some graph enhancements in [#409]
  • Added the option gap_on_all_nan in and [#417]
  • Added the new option has_removable_devices (disabled by default) in to recalculate the device name of each filesystem on every update. [#418]
  • Added support for AMaViS Module Mail::SPF. [#419]
  • Added option to disable rrd locking during cgi calls. [#428]
  • Added CSS theming support in
  • Added the -e parameter in monitorix to be able to send emailreports at any time. [#322][#429]
  • Added the option respect_power_state in to avoid waking up GPUs in D3 power state. [#433]
  • Included more NVIDIA variants of N/A in [#415]
  • Changed to /usr/bin/vcgencmd the default path in monitorix.conf. [#420]
  • Updated to have the same options and fixes as [#440]
  • Improved the readability of the Context switches graph and value alignments in [#442][#443]
  • Removed a call to print() inside of push() that displayed the return value (1) when monitoring multiple BIND servers.
  • Fixed an error in if a non-privileged user is used to read the statistics. [#384]
  • Fixed the <amdgpu> section in monitorix.conf. [#385]
  • Fixed a change in the quotation marks introduced in 3.14 that prevented from sending reports. [#391]
    (thanks to Michael Bronzini, mb20 AT for pointing this out)
  • Fixed wrong index for image directory in, and [#387]
  • Fixed the extra padding in and [#392]
  • Fixed the CSS theming support in the bottom of some graphs. [#405]
  • Fixed graphs layout when using more than one server in [#408]
  • Fixed the legend alignment in and [#411]
  • Fixed Makefile to do a backup of the current monitorix.conf. [#414]
  • Fixed to match the values in the zoom graph of cores in
  • Fixed warnings for undefined mimetype on some HTTP requests. [#427]
  • Small fixes and cosmetic changes.

Due to massive change in, the following options: secure_log, imap_log, hylafax_log, cups_log and cg_logdir have been deprecated and will be removed in the next Monitorix version.

Please, check the monitorix.conf(5) man page for all the details.

NOTICE: The configuration file monitorix.conf has been extended with important changes.

All users still using older versions are encouraged to upgrade to this new version.

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