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Celebrating 10 years :: 2005-2015

Welcome to The Monitorix Project

Take control over your small server


System load average and usage (system.rrd)
Global kernel usage (kern.rrd)
Per-processor kernel usage (proc.rrd)
HP ProLiant System Health (hptemp.rrd)
LM-Sensors and GPU temperatures (lmsens.rrd)
Generic sensors statistics (gensens.rrd)
IPMI sensor statistics (ipmi.rrd)
NVIDIA temperatures and usage (nvidia.rrd)
Disk drive temperatures and health (disk.rrd)
Filesystem usage and I/O activity (fs.rrd)
ZFS statistics (zfs.rrd)
Directory usage (du.rrd)
Network traffic and usage (net.rrd)
Netstat statistics (netstat.rrd)
Traffic Control statistics (tc.rrd)
Libvirt statistics (libvirt.rrd)
Process statistics (process.rrd)
System services demand (serv.rrd)
Mail statistics (mail.rrd)
Network port traffic (port.rrd)
Users using the system (user.rrd)
FTP statistics (ftp.rrd)
Apache statistics (apache.rrd)
Nginx statistics (nginx.rrd)
Lighttpd statistics (lighttpd.rrd)
MySQL statistics (mysql.rrd)
MongoDB statistics (mongodb.rrd)
Varnish statistics (varnish.rrd)
PageSpeed Module statistics (pagespeed.rrd)
Squid Proxy Web Cache statistics (squid.rrd)
NFS server statistics (nfss.rrd)
NFS client statistics (nfsc.rrd)
BIND server statistics (bind.rrd)
NTP statistics (ntp.rrd)
Chrony statistics (chrony.rrd)
Fail2ban statistics (fail2ban.rrd)
Icecast Streaming Media Server statistics (icecast.rrd)
Raspberry Pi sensor statistics (raspberrypi.rrd)
Alternative PHP Cache statistics (phpapc.rrd)
Memcached statistics (memcached.rrd)
APC UPS statistics (apcupsd.rrd)
Network UPS Tools statistics (nut.rrd)
Wowza Media Server (wowza.rrd)
Devices interrupt activity (int.rrd)
Verlihub statistics (verlihub.rrd)
Support for monitoring remote servers (Multihost).
Support for monitoring (as gateway) the Internet traffic of LAN devices.
Alert capabilities specific.
Built-in HTTP server.
Complete email reporting mechanism of all graphs.
Ability to include additional configuration file(s).
Ability to view statistics per (hour optional), day, week, month or year(s).
Ability to view statistics in graphs or in plain text tables.
Ability to zoom in any graph to see it in more detail.
Ability to show network metrics in MBytes/sec or Mbits/sec.
Ability to show temperatures in Celsius or in Fahrenheit.
Ability to generate graphs in PNG or SVG formats.
Ability to configure the number of years of historical data (no limit).
Web interface offers minimal learning, ubiquitous access.
Configuration with only one text-plain file.
Silent mode to be able to retrieve the graphs from scripts.
Traffic statistics are stored in fixed-size databases (RRDtool).
Perl language based (lightweight tool).
Supported systems: GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD.